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A Michigan Online Craft Store for Your Convenience

Fall 2012 Wool Lotus Top
                     Online Crafts Stores Looking for a one-stop shop that can address all of your needs is a little easier these days, considering that everything is available online. If you need Michigan hand crafted items  for one reason or another, going...
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Why should you buy local Michigan products #3?

Today we will be talking about how buying local keeps money in the community and how that creates a positive outcome.  When dollars are spent locally several positive things happen.  If we spend our money locally in our city or even inside the state of Michigan the money can...
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Introducing Handmade Michigan

Unique. Hand-Crafted. All Handmade Michigan. Welcome to Handmade Michigan, a unique website with over 16,000 plus products (and growing), all hand-made from over 3,200 artisans and crafts men and women from across the state of Michigan. Filled with one-of-a-kind, homespun items such as clothing, jewelry, toys, fine art,...
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