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How Sellers Add Products to Handmade Michigan

  1. Go to Handmade Michigan at www.handmademi.com.  When you get to the site click on “Sellers” at the bottom of the page.


  1. You will now see the “Seller Login” screen.  Put your “Username” and “Password” in and click the “Login” button.



  1. After clicking the “Login” button you will be taken to the “Seller Admin” page.  To add a product click on “Add Products to My Store.”


  1. The next screen will be the “My Catalog” screen.  This is where you will choose which category your product will be in.  Left mouse click on the appropriate category.


  1. After choosing the category you will see the “Add New Product” screen.  The fields with the red asterisk must be filled in.  It is also important that an inventory level is put in.  If that field is left blank the system thinks there is no inventory so the buyer will not be able to purchase the product.  You must put at least “1” in the inventory for the product to be able to be sold.  When you are finished filling in all the necessary information on the “Add New Product” screen click “Next Step” at the bottom of the screen.


  1. The last step will be to add images of the product.  You can add up to 6 images for each product.  Click on the “Browse” button of the “Main Image” box below to start.  This will be the image that is displayed the most on the site.


  1. After clicking on the “Browse” button you will need to choose an image that is on your computer.  You will then be taken to a new screen with your image on it.  You will also see a box outlining your image.  The part of your image inside the box is what will show up on the main screen of our website.  The box can be move by placing the curser in the box, hold down the left mouse key and move the box.  Wherever the box is moved is what will show up.  When a possible client clicks on this product, they are taken to a “Product Detail” page where they will be able to see the whole image not just what is in the box.  When you are finished placing the box click on “Process Image.”



  1. After clicking on “Process Image” you will be taken back to screen seen below.  The first image will appear in the “Main Image” area and you be able to now add 5 more images if you choose to add that many.  You only are required to add one image.


  1. This completes the “Adding Products” instruction.



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