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Artist Spotlight – Mouthstick Creations – Pencil Drawing Created By Mouth



Original art created by mouth

Mouthstick Creations has the most amazing art not only for obvious talent but another more inspiring reason.  Will Pardee is Mouthstick Creations and he draws all of his picture with his mouth due to a swimming accident leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down.  Now take a look at his artwork and you will have a hard time believing he has created all of these great pieces.  Will says he began drawing with a pencil held with my mouth about a year after diving in shallow water left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. He soon became bored with my limited activities, and wondered what my purpose in life was, and how I was going to provide for my Wife and three-year old daughter. Then his Wife Sarah encouraged, (made) him to try drawing with a pencil held in his mouth. This led them to discover a hidden God-given talent. After honing his skill for a couple of years, he began selling his art work at art & craft shows in the summer of 1986.  He feels the Lord blessed him as this new venture helped him supplement his disability income, as well as to share his goodness and faithfulness to us and to all those who put their trust in him. To honor him, Will signs all his drawings "In Christ", Will.

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  1. Robert Blackmer says:

    I have ben trying to locate Will & Sarah to get some more of Will's drawings. Would sure like to hear from then.

  2. Robert Blackmer says:

    I had Will do drawing for me some years back and want to see how he is doing

  3. marie says:

    I went to the above website for Will Pardee, but was 'redirected'. Is there another way to get hold of him, and does he still sell artwork?

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