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Artist Spotlight – Detroit Beard Collective


Detroit Beard Collective Beard Sauce
Detroit Beard Collective

MADE IN MICHIGAN, MADE IN DETROIT - "Beard Sauce" or "Beard Balm" is an all-natural, leave-in gift to beards. It helps repair damaged hair while locking in moisture to help build new growth.

The Detroit Beard Collective Beard Balm harnesses a natural mix of butters and oils will also help the under skin anchoring your magnificent man mane to your face by cleansing pores of built up oil and dirt trapped under the dense thicket of hair. You might also notice the unique scents for each tin which will hopefully prove pleasing to not only your nostrils but your fellow humans when you set your beard free from any confines.

To be noted, the balm also offers a gentle hold on the beard hairs, should you want to run a comb through and give the illusion of refinement. Or, just let it go all Grizzly Adam mountain man style. Either way, applying beard sauce to your "suburbs of the chin" will set forth manliness and radiance, commanding the respect that your beard desires.

Shop Link: Visit Detroit Beard Collective's shop on Handmade Michigan


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