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Artist Spotlight – Burning Tree Studio – Art In Any Medium




Original art created by Kyle Tufford-McKey

You name it she has the degree.  A  Bachelors of Fine Arts with a Major in Graphic Design, Minor in Illustration, & Minor in Photography from Kendall College of Art & Design. She has also taken glassblowing classes from Waterstreet Glass & Ox-Bow. (a division of the Art Institute of Chicago)  Kyle has always loved creating art in any medium. Glass Blowing, Torchworked Glass, Oil Paints, PrismaPencil, Graphite, Photography, Acrylics, Jewelry, Sewing, Buttons, etc....  She is not exagerating because the facts are in the products she has on Handmade Michigan's website.  She has a very diverse collection of products ranging from photography and illustration to incredible little girls hair bows and jewelry.  She even offers custom pieces.  I have to give Kyle props for the talent she possesses and we at Handmade Michigan are greatful to have her products on our website.

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Founder of Handmade Michigan, lover of the outdoors, sports and products made in Michigan.


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