Nature’s Playhouse seeks artisans to create for play space

Natues Playhouse
Nature’s Playhouse, an all natural play and wellness center offering families and expecting couples a place to connect with their peers in their community, are looking to support local artisans. They are offering FREE advertising space and consignment opportunities in their new storefront coming to downtown Ferndale, Michigan...
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Handmade Michigan Ceramics

Pottery Earth Blue Tree Vine Mug
Michigan Handmade Ceramics Michigan made products, such as ceramics, are often produced in factories, and for the most part their qualities are adequate for their purposes. Factory items are great if you simply want something utilitarian and if you want something cheap and readily available. If you need...
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Where to Sell Your Handmade Products

New Jpeg Logo
    Where to Sell Your Handmade Products Selling products these days has become so much easier because of the internet. You can simply go online and offer the handmade products that you offer customers, and customers can easily purchase through an online payment system. While it’s relatively...
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Where to Find Handmade Gifts

Think of preparing your Christmas list as early as today? If so, you can choose from various products handmade in Michigan. Instead of just buying from store racks and display cases, there are online sites, like Handmade Michigan, these days that sell authentic items handmade in Michigan.  ...
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A Michigan Online Craft Store for Your Convenience

Fall 2012 Wool Lotus Top
                     Online Crafts Stores Looking for a one-stop shop that can address all of your needs is a little easier these days, considering that everything is available online. If you need Michigan hand crafted items  for one reason or another, going...
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Handmade Items as Works of Art

Mackinac Island Harbor Print
Works of Art College dorm rooms all over the world are not exactly known for their décor, but even a cursory survey will note that many if these rooms contain posters of famous art works. Whether the poster features a Leonardo, a Cezanne, a Van Gogh, or a...
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Why should you buy local Michigan products #3?

Today we will be talking about how buying local keeps money in the community and how that creates a positive outcome.  When dollars are spent locally several positive things happen.  If we spend our money locally in our city or even inside the state of Michigan the money can...
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How Sellers Add Products to Handmade Michigan

Go to Handmade Michigan at  When you get to the site click on “Sellers” at the bottom of the page.             You will now see the “Seller Login” screen.  Put your “Username” and “Password” in and click the “Login” button.                 After clicking the “Login” button...
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How to Register as a Seller on Handmade Michigan

Go to Handmade Michigan at  When you get to the site click on “Sellers.”  See below.     You will now see the “Seller Login” screen.  Click on “Register Now.”  See below.   You will now see the “Seller Registration” screen.  The  fields with the red asterisks...
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